Boriol Apps Kindergarten

Preschool and Kindergaten

With the help of a storyteller, preschoolers will learn the letters of the alphabet, spelling words, vocabulary and elementary math.

Boriol Apps 1st Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

1st Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

Play to learn Mathematics from First Grade in the most entertaining way. This game has operations and activities with our funniest drawings.

Boriol Apps 2nd Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

2nd Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

App with a nice interface, based on the Second Grade Math curriculum. You will practice mental calculation and geometry. You will work with time, money and fractions, too.

Boriol Apps 3rd Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

3rd Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

This app has more than 60 different activities: addition and subtraction, fractions and decimals, reason with shapes and their attributes, introducing multiplication and division.

Boriol Apps 4th Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

4th Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

Addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, geometry, multiplication, division and measurements. Now practice the Fourth Grade Math curriculum in a fun way.

Boriol Apps 5th Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

5th Grade Math Learning Games for Kids

Practice with the activities adapted to the fifth grade curriculum. 6-digit numbers, addition and subtraction of fractions, angles, conversion of measures and much more.

Boriol Apps Learn Numbers.

Learn Numbers. Preschool and Kindergarten

With this fun app children will learn numbers, learn to count, sequences, addition and subtraction with pictures up to 10 through entertaining exercises. It has two levels.

Boriol Apps Pre-K Games


App with more than 20 interactive games to learn the alphabet, vocabulary, shapes and figures, sequences, colors, exercise memory and association with children's pictures.

Boriol Apps Times Tables

Times Tables

Nice interface for visual learning multiplication tables. Possibility to select the tables to practice and check the learning outcomes. Suitable for children from 7 to 10 years.

Boriol Apps Learning to tell time

Learning to tell time

Children will gradually practice the hours, the quarter hour, the minutes and finally mix everything learned, accompanied by interactive activities. Conversion between analog and digital.

Boriol Apps Fractions

Fractions Learning Games

With this app, the fraction concept will be more easily understood. We will show fractions with our funny drawings. Divided into two parts: the first to learn and the second to practice. Equivalents, mixed fractions...

Boriol Apps Chess Games for Kids

Chess Games for Kids

Chess has a very positive influence on people who practice it as it develops cognitive and attention skills. With this application we try to approach, in a playful way, this discipline to the little ones.

Boriol Apps Math Pirates

Math Pirates

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Sort numbers. Solve equations. Improve your mental calculation with game levels. For all ages. Level 1 has visual aids for the first graders.

Boriol Apps Money and Kids

Money and Kids

With this app, you will learn to identify, compare and solve problems with coins. Includes more than 10 games: "Identify", "Compare", "Equivalent" and "Purchases". It includes the USD, EUR, GBP and MXN.

Boriol Apps Domino Test Brain

Domino psycho Test

The Domino psychotechnical test is an exercise to assess general intelligence. It is a classic among the psychotechnical tests used during school entrance exams or even for job interviews.

Boriol Apps Brain Training Math and Memory

Brain Training Math & Memory

Practice a few minutes and you will notice how your mental agility increases. It includes more than 15 brain training games to exercise memory, calculation, logic, concentration and spatial vision.